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Plant, recuperation, ventilation, air conditioning systems

Periodically require a review, during which the filter or air filters are exchanged , allow us to take care of the cleanliness of the air in our surroundings. Today, when so much talk about the smog is the most obvious mounting of such an installation at home not only for the heat recovery function of the air but for taking care of your own health and loved ones. Most commonly used pocket Filters, cassette can be ordered from us. We offer

Filtration Classes G3, G4, M5, F7, F9

Filter, filters for air conditioning, ventilation, recuperation.

They are used in industrial buildings, residential houses, shopping malls, hotels, cinemas, philharmonies, restaurants, sports halls, public facilities, clinics, schools.  In more demanding systems e.g.HospitalIn addition , it is

Absolute Filter

Also available to us. In addition, we also offer

PPI Filter Mats

For water filtration in pools or aquarias as well as compressors. We also supply

Non-woven filter fabrics

In whole rolls and cut in the form of

formatek, formatki

Used for air filtration in multiple devices. For ventilation systems in catering facilities we have prepared

Fat Filters

That perfectly filter the air from the fat. On our website www.sklepbwm.com You will also find

Carbon filters

Which absorb unpleasant odours and will apply to the processing industry.

Filters for PaintShop


Non-woven glass

Pocket Filter

Filter-Cartonite-Labyrinth Andreae

Also available to us. Their task is to absorb the paint particles floating in the air while painting in spray-in paint booths. Each individual

Air Conditioning Filter


Recuperation filter

It consumes time and needs to be replaced. New

Air Conditioning Filter

Allows for longer operation without emergency.

Recuperation filter

Also affect the system without emergency operation. The most commonly used

Pocket Filter


Cassette filter

Very simple to replace and thus ensure your own health and trouble-free operation of the device.

We accept orders from retail clients, companies, brokers, service technicians, managers from Monday to Saturday. We realize within 7 working days

The goods are shipped on 6-8 day after the order is placed. Each filter passes the quality check before embaring on the road to the customer. The products are sturdy cheap and thoroughly made. The goods are always packed so that they can reach the buyer intact. We issue VAT invoices

Our filters meet European standards of filtration quality: DIN 24185, DIN 24184, EUROVENT, PN-EN 1822:2009, PN_EN 779, EN ISO 16890.

We offer

Pocket Filter

Cassette filter

Recuperation filter

Filter for ventilation

Air Conditioning Filter

Absolute Filter

Fan-Coil Filter

Carbon filter

M5 Filter

Filter G3

G4 Filter

Filter F7

Filter F9

Filter HEPA

włóknina filtracyjna

Non-woven glass

Labyrinth Filter

Mata PPI

Filter Andreae

Fat Filter

Flat Filter

Metal Filter