How to place an order

In the store search please enter the dimension separated by a space (eg 592 592 50), expanding the search field by combinations.

Method I
1. Select the product you want in the menu on the left.

2. Then check in the availability table in the long product description if the given size is in the ready configuration. If so specify dimensions and parameters in accordance with the table of availability in the window under the price.

3. If you choose different classes, please add the product to the basket and continue shopping for the next configuration or product.

4. After adding products to the basket, you can go to the payment.

Method II
1. Place an order by e-mail:

What should the order contain in the form of content or attachment:

- filter type (cassette, pocket, fan-coil, absolute, carbon, fat)

- dimensions

- filtration class

- product quantity

* for pocket filters, please specify the number of pockets and the depth of the filter frame

2. Regarding questions and ambiguities, you can contact:

- tel. 505910219

- e-mail

- Chat