Filters, anti-smoke and anti-pollen.

Filters made in the technology of Minipleat have a very large filter surface, they are very efficient, we call them precision filters. They filter out pollen, bacteria, soothes, industrial dust, tobacco smoke, oil fumes, and molecules that can penetrate our circulatory system and cause illness from the air.

Filters, anti-fog or otherwise, dust- proof

Allow to clean the air flowing into the house, Office, workplace with very harmful to health molecules called smog but also pollen plants and other causing allergies.


The choice of filtration class is yours and it depends on how clean the air will be in your environment. And the frame type is more a matter of taste more stable are the filters in the metal and plastic frame, and if we also think about the disposal of the filter is a better choice will be cardboard.

Applying anti-fog filters, you  care about your health and loved ones.

Filtry przeciwsmogowe, przeciwpyłkowe

Below are the available minipleat filter Sizes.

The M5, F7, F9 filtration classes are available in metal, cardboard and some plastic cases. Along with links to the products and devices in which they are used.