Rules of The Shop. Terms used in the online Store – the BWM online store, available at, is operated by the seller. Customer – A natural person, a legal person and an organizational unit without a personality Legal capacity to which the contract is placed. Consumer – a client who is a natural person who carries out a legal act not directly related to his or her business or profession. Terms and conditions-these terms and conditions. Website – Seller and customer. Content (i)-in particular, information, opinions, data, graphic files, graphic elements, photographs or videos, including works within the meaning of the Act on Copyright and related rights and the images of natural persons which are Posted and disseminated by the customer or the person using the online shop website. Goods (air filters for ventilation systems, air conditioning, recuperation, i.e. pocket filters, Cassette, Absolute, fan-coil, non-woven, Filter mats) – Movable item visible on the website of the online shop. Sales Agreement-the contract of sale of goods within the meaning of the Civil Code, concluded between the seller and the customer as a result of placing the order 

Seller – BWM Wiesław Mejer 84-217 Łebno ul. Wejherowska 12


NIP PL 5882411540

Regon 362552472

Order – A declaration of intent made by the customer of the seller through the website in accordance with this Regulation (offer).
Price-the value of the goods indicated on the website of the online store in Polish zlotys with applicable tax on goods and services (VAT).
Civil Code – Law of 23 April 1964 (cRL. In OJ No. 16, item. 93 Subsequent. (d).

II. General provisions

The seller conducts retail sales via the Internet through the online store. The seller does not carry out wholesale sales and sales to the contracting entities in the field of medical devices within the meaning of article 49 (a). 4 of the law of 12 January 2011. o Reimbursement of medicines, foodstuffs for particular nutritional purposes and medical devices (Dz. U. of 2011.  No 122, Item No. 696 Subsequent.  (d).
The customer may place an order through the or email at
In the event of errors on the website of the online shop, in particular on the price or availability of goods, the seller will inform the customer enabling him to change the order placed.
The information on the online shop website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.
Customers of the online store are prohibited from transmitting content that is unlawful or contrary to the principles of social coexistence.
Customers can access these terms and conditions at any time and free of charge via the link on the online shop website.  
The information on the goods provided on the website of the online shop, including its description and price, does not constitute the offer of the seller and the invitation to conclude a contract within the meaning of art. 71 of the Civil Code.
The price information given on the website of the online shop is binding on the parties from the moment when the customer receives the e-mail message referred to in point III (a). 4 Rules. In the case of incorrect price information on the online shop website, the customer will be informed before receiving the e-mail referred to in the first sentence.
If you use the online shop website, you are obliged to act in accordance with applicable law, the principles of social coexistence and morality, including the failure to deliver content of an unlawful nature.
The customer is obliged to provide real data in order to enable it to be implemented.
The seller's liability to the purchaser who is simultaneously a consumer within the meaning of art. 22 [1] of the Civil Code of 23 April 1964 (OJ L...). No. 16, item. 93 with Died) are defined by the law of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (OJ 2014, poz. 827).
In-store purchases consist of adding selected items to the shopping cart, selecting a payment method and shipping and confirming the order.
The acceptance by the online shop of each placed order is confirmed by e-mail via the system of the Internet platform used
The online store accepts orders 24 hours a day on all days of the year. Orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be processed on the first working day following the date on which the order was placed.
All prices quoted in the online shop are prices expressed in Polish zloty (PLN) and include VAT. 
BWM Wiesław Mejer, who operates an online store, issues a sales document in the form of a receipt or a VAT invoice. If you need to issue a VAT invoice, use the order form to enter the exact data necessary for the correct issuance of the VAT invoice.
All goods are brand new, unused with a 2-month starter warranty, due to the use of the object and the ability to work in a diverse environment affecting its consumption. Warranties are not subject to any kind of accidental or intentional mechanical damage (tears, cuts, etc.), as well as damage caused by negligent and improper use.

III. Registration and Ordering
The customer's order is considered to be filed only after:

Filling in a valid and complete registration form on the website of the online shop and accepting it by the customer
Reviewing and accepting the terms and conditions
Complete the order form on the online shop website.

Orders in the online shop can be submitted all day on all days of the calendar year. Placing an order by the customer does not imply conclusion of a sales contract.
After placing the order, the customer receives an e-mail to the electronic address indicated by him, in which the seller confirms receipt of the order and the price for the ordered goods. Receipt of the confirmation referred to in the above sentence constitutes the conclusion of the contract of sale.

IV. Order delivery and payment
The customer is able to choose the form of shipping and payment method. The customer is informed about the exact cost of the goods and the shipping costs after adding the selected goods to the cart before the final confirmation of the order.

The customer may use the following payment methods:
Traditional bank transfer to the account number given in the order confirmation (bank Account No.: 84 1090 1102 0000 0001 4227 6445)
Through Internet payments przelewy24, Pay-Pal-no extra charge
Cash on delivery (courier payment on delivery)
In cash at the store's premises during personal pickup.

The settlement of transactions by credit card and e-transfer is carried out through the company Paypal.

V. Delivery of goods
The ordered goods may be delivered by the seller only to the address specified by the customer in the order.

Any order placed in the Bwm online shop is executed in accordance with the terms:

6-8 working days: Types of air Filters-cassette (flat, pleated, divisive, minipleat), pocket, fan-coil, carbon, fatty.

3-4 working days: Filter fabrics, non-woven glass, formats, PPI mats, filter foams, filter sponges, anderae filters, cardboard-Labyrinth filters (in case of lack of goods in stock order fulfillment up to 2 weeks with The customer will be informed and decides whether to uphold the order).

3-4 weeks: Absolute HEPA filters, EPA.


- Ventilation Filters in accordance with the dates adopted for the filter type used above.

- Air Conditioning filters In accordance with the time limits adopted for the filter type applied above.

- filters for recuperationand in accordance with the dates adopted for the type of filter applied above.

- filters for PaintShop in accordance with the dates adopted for the filter used above.


The above order fulfillment dates are for a quantity of less than 200 items per order (excl. filter formats). For larger quantities, the delivery deadline may be extended by 5 working days.


After placing your order within 1 business day, you will receive a confirmation email with the shipping date and transaction details.


The order can be cancelled no later than 2 working days from the date of submission. Please send this information with your order number to the email address or via the customer Panel.

In the absence of the possibility to confirm the order resulting from the fault of the purchaser (incorrect telephone number) the placed order is cancelled within 5 working days, and any personal data contained therein are deleted from the store database.

Placing an order by the purchaser is tantamount to authorising the Bwm online store to issue an invoice without obtaining the buyer's signature.

To conclude a contract for the sale of goods between the purchaser and the online store, BWM is sent electronically to confirm the acceptance of the order.

The delivery date of the ordered goods can be from 2-4 working days from the date of dispatch. The buyer is notified in the order confirmation of the delivery time and delivery date of the order. In the event that there are large differences in the delivery time or method of packaging and delivery of the individual goods, consisting of one order, the seller informs the customer and jointly decides to split the order into smaller consignments if Customer so wishes. In this case, the general cost of delivery given to the customer when placing the order is not changed, but only is distributed to individual consignments. If part of the order is cancelled, only the delivery costs that have been assigned to the undelivered part of the order are corrected. The shop undertakes to consider the order placed at the latest within 24 hours From the moment the order is placed by the ordering party. At the time of collection, the purchaser is entitled to inspect the package contents in the presence of the employee of the delivery company. If the consignment does not contain the goods indicated in the order, the goods are different than ordered, or the goods are damaged, the purchaser is entitled not to accept the consignment. In this case, please notify the seller immediately: by telephone by contacting the shop representative at Tel. 505910219 or e-mail sklepbwm@wp.plVI. Complaints procedure The customer may, in its sole discretion, use either the manufacturer's guarantee or where the consumer goods are incompatible with the contract may exercise the power conferred by the Act of 27 July 2002 of the special conditions of consumer sale and amendment of the Civil Code. If you qualify for warranty claims, you will be directed to the guarantor listed in the warranty card. In the case of exercising the powers of the institution of non-conformity of a consumer goods with a contract under the law of 27 July 2002 on specific conditions of consumer sales and amending the Civil Code, the client should submit a complaint The seller. The complaint must be filed in writing and specify the customer's data, address, order number and description of the unworthiness of the goods. Upon receipt of the consignment containing the goods at the time of collection, the customer should pay attention to the status of the received consignment. In case of damage to the mechanical contents of the consignment, incompleteness of the goods, non-conformity of the goods with the order the customer is obliged to notify the seller. Complaints about mechanical damage of shipments that arose during transport will be considered only if the agent is written in the presence of a shipper of the complaint protocol, at the time of receiving the consignment. For complaints of goods purchased under these Regulations, the provisions of Polish law apply. VII. Withdrawal from the Contract by law on 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (OJ 2014, poz. 827) The purchaser who Is a consumer may abandon the goods without giving a reason within 14 days from the date of receipt of the consignment, by submitting a statement to the seller in writing. The statement does not need to be of any particular form. The right to withdraw from the contract is not granted to the customer in the cases indicated in Article 10 (a) 3 of the Act and when the goods were used and performed their work, ie. Filtration. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the contract is considered non-concluded. What the parties have provided is recoverable in the unaltered state, unless the amendment was necessary within the limits of the ordinary management. The goods returned by the consumer should be packaged in such a way as to ensure no damage during transport the cost of the packaging of the goods is borne by the customer. The goods shall be returned complete and the documents issued to the customer at the address: 84-217 Łebno ul. Wejherowska 12 at the expense of the customer.

The customer, with the consent of the seller, may, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods, exchange it for another commodity. The replaced product must have an unbreaked manufacturer's packaging, be complete without damage or traces of use. In the case of an exchange of goods, the price paid will be credited to the price of the newly ordered goods, and any overpayment will be refunded by the seller to the customer. BWM Wiesław Mejer shall be reimbursed immediately upon receipt of the Of the returned goods, by making a transfer to the account indicated by the purchaser or postal order if the purchaser so wishes. The refund of the shipping costs is limited to the cheapest possible form of shipping according to the InPost. VIII pricelist. Seller's liability is not responsible for technical problems or technical limitations occurring in computer hardware, terminal equipment, electronic system and telecommunications infrastructure, with Customer's use, which prevents the customer from using the store correctly.


The seller is not responsible for technical problems or technical limitations occurring in the installation of the ventilation system, air conditioning, recuperation, the end deviceused bythe customer, which prevent The customer to use the air filterscorrectly.

The seller shall not be liable for: the loss of data by the customer caused by the failure of his hardware and computer system or other circumstances arising for reasons not attributable to the seller, the effects of customer's use of the website Online store in a manner contrary to applicable law, regulations or customs, the speed of data transfer and associated restrictions, following the circumstances of the nature of the Technical, technological and infrastructural factors arising from reasons not attributable to the seller. Content not provided by the seller on the website of the online shop. For the non-availability of the website of the online shop due to force majeure, customer behaviour and third parties. The seller also reserves the ability to suspend or terminate the provision of services in the online shop due to the necessity of maintenance, review or expansion of the technical base. IX. Disputes between the parties the Settlement of any disputes arising between the seller and the client who is a consumer shall be subjected to the competent courts in accordance with the provisions of the relevant provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure. The settlement of any disputes arising between the seller and the client who is not a consumer shall be subjected to the competent court on the basis of the place of residence of the party acting as plaintiff. X. Authoritiescontent placed on the website of the online shop is protected by copyright and may not be altered and supplemented unless the owner of the website agrees with this written consent. The contents of the site may not be reproduced, disseminated or published in violation of the copyright law and related rights. Trademarks, logos, product images and artwork placed on the online shop's websites belong to their respective owners and are used for informational purposes only. They may not be used without the consent of their respective owners. XI. The provisions of the Termination of the terms and conditions of these terms are invalid or ineffective, shall not affect the validity and effectiveness of the remaining provisions of the regulations. In place of invalid or ineffective provision will be applied rule, which is closest to the purposes of the invalid or ineffective provision of these regulations. In matters not governed by these Terms and Conditions shall apply Provisions in force in the territory of the Republic of Poland law, and in particular the Civil Code, the provisions of the Act of 18 July 2002. On the provision of Electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2002 No 144, item 1204 as amended), Law of 27 July 2002 on special terms and conditions of consumer sales and amendment of the Civil Code (OJ Z 2002, no 141, item 1176, as amended), Act of 2 March 20 00 on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product (Journal of Laws of 2000, no 22, item 271, as amended). The Rules of procedure shall be unfulfilled from 10 April 2019.



Information obligation under article 13 GDPR


Who is the administrator of your personal data?

The administrator, or the entity deciding how your personal data will be used, is BWM Wiesław Mejer with headquarters in Łebno at UL. Wejherowska 12 operator of the online trading platform available at

How do I contact us for more information about the processing of your personal data?

Write to the personal Data Inspector we have designated. Here is his contact details:

E-mail address: Wiesław-mejer @ Outlook. com

Postal Address: Data protection Officer: BWM Wiesław Mejer ul. Wejherowska 12

84-217 Łebno

Where do we have your data?

We have received them from you when you create an account and also later, in connection with transactions made by you on the Bachowski store.

What is the purpose and legal basis for the processing of your personal data by the BWM store?

We process your personal data as it is necessary for the performance of a contract with you, including:

  • Enable the provision of the service electronically and full use of the BWM store, including the making of transactions and payments;
  • Create and manage your account or accounts, and maintain your account, transactions and technical troubleshooting;
  • Handle complaints in the BWM store if you make such a complaint;
  • Handling of applications that you direct to us by e-mail
  • Contacting you, including for purposes related to the provision of services.


In addition, the laws require us to process your data for tax and accounting purposes.

We also process your personal data for the purposes indicated below, on the basis of a legitimate interest, which is:

  • Monitor your activity and all other users, including, for example, Search for keywords, post offers, and manage your activity in the BWM store;
  • Contacting you, including for purposes related to permitted marketing activities, through available channels of communication, in particular and with your consent-by e-mail and telephone;
  • provision of payment services;
  • Ensuring the security of the services we provide to you electronically, including enforcing the internal rules of the BWM store and preventing fraud and abuse and ensuring traffic safety;
  • Monitor your activity and all other users e.g. Search for keywords, submit offers, conduct research and analyses, inter alia, in terms of functionality of this trading platform, improve the performance of services or estimate the main interests and needs of visitors;
  • Handling your requests in particular the User Service department and the contact form if they are not directly related to the execution of the contract;
  • collection of debts; Conducting litigation, arbitration and mediation proceedings;
  • conducting statistical analyses;
  • Storing data for archiving purposes, and ensuring accountability (demonstrating our compliance with legal obligations).

If you agree, we process your personal data in order to:

  • Save data in cookies, collect data from websites and mobile applications;

You may withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time in the same way as you have expressed it. We will process your personal data until you withdraw your consent.

Do you need to provide us with your personal information?

We require you to provide the following personal information in order to be able to conclude and execute a contract with you and thus give you the service:

  • Email address, password (for regular account) or
  • Email address, login, password, phone, and company and address information.

If for some reason you do not provide this personal data, unfortunately we will not be able to conclude a contract with you, and consequently you will not be able to use the BWM store.

If required by law, we may require you to provide other data necessary for example. For accounting or tax reasons. In addition to these cases, providing your data is voluntary.

What are your rights to BWM Wiesław Mejer regarding the data processed?

We guarantee that all your rights under the data protection regulations are fulfilled, i.e. The right to access, rectification and erasure of your data, restriction of processing, the right to carry it, not to be subject to automated decision-making, including profiling, and the right to object to the processing of your Personal data.

You can use these permissions when:

  • In relation to the request for rectification of data: you will notice that your data is incorrect or incomplete;
  • In relation to the request for erasure: Your data will no longer be necessary for the purposes for which it was collected by the company; Withdraw your consent to the processing of your data; You object to the processing of your data; Your data will be processed unlawfully; The data should be deleted in order to comply with the obligation under a provision of law;
  • In relation to the request for restriction of data processing: you will notice that your data is incorrect – you may request restriction of processing of your data for a period that allows us to verify the accuracy of this data; Your data will be processed unlawfully, but you will not want it to be deleted; Your data will no longer be needed, but you may need to defend or enforce claims; Or you object to the processing of the data, until it is determined whether the legitimate grounds on our side prevail over the grounds of opposition;
  • In relation to a request for data portability: the processing of your data is based on your consent or agreement with you and, where such processing is done automatically.

You have the right to bring a complaint in connection with the processing of your personal data by us to the supervisory authority, which is the general Inspector of Personal Data Protection (address: General Inspector of personal Data protection, UL. Rates 2, 00-193 Warsaw)/President of the Office of Personal Data Protection from 25 May 2018.

In which situations can you oppose the processing of your data?

You have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data when:

  • The processing of your personal data takes place on the basis of a legitimate interest or for statistical purposes, and the objection is justified by the particular situation in which you have found,
  • Your personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes, including being profiled for this purpose.

Please note that you can use the right of objection from May 25, 2018.

To whom do we share your personal information?

We share your personal information with the parties to the transactions that you include in the BWM store and entities that support us in the provision of electronic services, that is to say, which provide payment, credit, insurance, services Consulting or auditing services, assist the users of the BWM store, support the promotion of offers, cooperate in the framework of marketing campaigns. We may transfer your personal data to public authorities struggling with fraud and abuse.

How long do we keep your personal data?

We store your personal data for the duration of the contract with you and after its termination for the purposes of:

  • Redress in connection with the performance of the contract,
  • Comply with legal obligations, including in particular tax and accounting,
  • Prevention of fraud and fraud,
  • Statistical and archiving,
  • For a maximum period of 10 years from the date of completion of the contract.

We store your personal data for marketing purposes for the duration of the contract or until you object to such processing, whichever occurs first.

In the case of organization of loyalty programs, competitions and promotional campaigns in which you can participate-we will process your data for the duration and the period of the award settlement. For the purpose of accountability, i.e. To prove compliance with the data processing rules we will retain data for the period during which the company is obliged to retain data or documents containing them to document the fulfilment of the requirements Control of their fulfilment by public authorities.

Do we transfer your data to countries outside the European Economic Area?

Your personal data will be transferred outside the European Economic Area to Google LLC based on appropriate legal safeguards, which are standard contractual clauses for the protection of personal data, approved by the European Commission.

Do we process your personal data automatically (including by profiling) in a way that affects your rights?

Your personal data will be processed in an automated manner (including in the form of profiling), but this will not cause you any legal effects or similarly substantially affect your situation.

The profiling of personal data by the BWM store consists in the processing of your data (including by automated means), by using them to evaluate certain information about you, in particular to analyse or forecast personal preferences and Interests.


In matters not governed by the regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and the relevant laws of the Polish law, as well as the rights of the European Union, in particular the GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC).



Thank you for getting acquainted with the terms and conditions of the online store we would like to ensure that we strive to provide the customer with the maximum service. Therefore, you can be assured that in disputes and questionable situations we will make decisions with a view to the client and his good – according to the principle "we are for the client, not the client for us".


BWM Wiesław Mejer

Ul. Wejherowska 12

84-217 Łebno

NIP PL 5882411540

Regon 362552472